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2018 Article Title Article Topic
January-February A Little Palm Paul Harvey describes what might be a Palm air and gas engine
March-April Scottish Glimpses Paul Harvey and Tom Rapp return to Scotland and learn about Howden and Stirling engines
May-June An Oil Field Engine? What make an engine an "oil field" engine?
July-August The Two-Stroke Cycle The history of the two-stroke cycle engines
2017 Article Title Article Topic
January Anson Revisited Paul Harvey and Tom Rapp follow their visit to London's Engines with a return to Anson Engine Museum
February Three Cousins The family relationship of the JC, the Ball, and the South Penn engines
March Turner Fricke - Part 1 Biographies of George Edwin Turner and Harry C. Fricke
April Turner Fricke - Part 2 The history of the Turner Fricke Manufacturing Company and the engines it produced
May Hot Air Engines - Part 1 A history of hot air engines and discussion of principles upon which they operate
June Hot Air Engines - Part 2 A description of hot air engines from the past and from the present
July-August June Show Report Paul Harvey reports on the June 2017 Exposition that featured hot air engines
September-October The Either The story of the Either engine, which could operate either as a steam engine or as an internal combustion engine
2016 Article Title Article Topic
January The DuBois Story - Part 1 A history of the DuBois family and their contributions to community and industry
February The DuBois Story - Part 2 The story of the DuBois Iron Works, the engines it produced, and the connection to the Lazier Gas Engine Company
March A Visit to England Paul Harvey and Tom Rapp visit the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, the Quarry Bank Mill, and the Anson Engine Museum
April An Engine Named Gus - Part 1 The story of the Gus engine and its designer Gustaf Joranson
May An Engine Named Gus - Part 2 A short biography of Carl Anderson, the builder of the Gus engine
June One-of-a-Kind A preview of the 2016 Exposition & Flea Market, featuring one-of-a-kind engines
July Museum Progress An overview of progress on museum projects including a new exhibit pavilion
August June Show Report This year's Exposition featured some very interesting "one-of-a-kind" engines
September Memories Paul Harvey remembers John Wilcox and his contributions to engine collecting and to CPM
October London's Engines Tom Rapp and Paul Harvey travel to London and visit a number of the historic engines there
November Engine Wonderland Paul's Pavilion is an "Engine Wonderland" and is home to a variety of oil field engines
December The Seybert Story The story of Brady's Bend, Pennsylvania, and the Seybert engine
2015 Article Title Article Topic
January Clark Sintz: The Early Years A discussion of Clark Sintz's early years in Springfield, Ohio
February Clark Sintz: His Later Years The story of Clark Sintz's later years and his interests in motorboat and automobile engines
March The Mighty 175 A history of the museum's 175 hp Otto gas engine and its journey from Brookville to Coolspring
April Early Days Remembering Coolspring Power Museum's origin starting with a small collection of engines
May The Genius of Verona - Part 1 The early years of John Kowalsky, inventor, engine manufacturer, and aviator
June Flame Ignition Engines A review of the unique features of flame ignition engines and a preview of the Flame Ignition Expo
July The Genius of Verona - Part 2 An overview of John Kowalsky's contributions to automobiles, motorboats, and airplanes
August "The Greatest Show on Earth" The story of the outstanding Flame Ignition Expo and the museum's 30th anniversary
September History Day A report on the July 2015 History Day event and the Antique Car, Truck & Tractor show
October A Bradford Visit Paul Harvey visits the Zippo Manufacturing Company, the Zippo/Case Museum, and the Penn Brad Oil Musuem
November The Ellwood City Mystery The story of Charles Rudolph Daellenbach and the Ellwood City gas engine
December Completing 30 Years! Celebrating 30 years of Coolspring Power Museum and five years of The Flywheel, plus a report on the Fall Exposition & Swap Meet
2014 Article Title Article Topic
January Reid's Reid A visit to the tractor and engine collection of Ellis and Reid Wellman
February Snow Part 1: The History The history of the Snow Steam Pump Works and the engines it produced
March Snow Part 2: The Engine The story of the museum's 600 hp Snow engine from its days in Roystone Station to its rebirth in Coolspring
April Clark's Story The saga of a small engine built by the Clark Brothers Company
May Windy City Rembembering the Windy City air lease and Harold "Jim" McCauley, its engineer
June Gettin' Ready Preparations at the museum for the June Exposition, featuring "foreign engines."
July A Connecticut Visit Paul Harvey pays a visit to the Connecticut Antique Machinery Association show
August The Rain - Then the Sun A look at the many exhibits present for the June Exposition
September Pattin Brothers: Ohio's Oil Field Engine The history of Pattin Brothers engines and examples of these engines at the museum
October The Swan Story The history of the engines of John W. Swan and the story of the recovery of one of these engines
November The Lima Story Successor to Swan, the Lima Gas Engine Company is chronicled in this article
December The Primm Story The story of John M. Primm, his oil engines, and ties to both Swan and Lima
2013 Article Title Article Topic
January Cast Iron Art Appreciating antique engines and machinery as works of art
February Reuben Willetts: An Unsung Genius Remembering Reuben Willetts and his contributions to the Butler, Pennsylvania, gas engine industry
March Coolspring Municipal Works A tour of a museum enhibit that could have provided utilities to an estate or small town
April Smoke in the Valley A description of the various types of oil engines at the museum
May The Mysterious OD The history of the Bessemer Gas Engine Company and their unusual OD engine
June It's Alive! The museum is alive with the power of volunteers making preparations for the June Exposition
July An Old Friend Paul Harvey returns to one of his favorite oil fields in West Virginia
August June Show: Snowy and Smokey This year's Exposition showcased the 600 hp Snow engine and featured many oil engines
September Flood June 27, 2013 began normally but ended with much of the museum grounds under water
October The Engine from Paradise Paul Harvey is reunited with an Associated engine he first spotted in 1967
November The Last of the Giants A visit to Rockport Station of Columbia Gas to see its three 1000 hp Cooper engines
December Fall Show Reflecting on the Fall Exposition & Swap Meet plus the dedication of the 600 hp Snow engine
2012 Article Title Article Topic
January Charles Bowdish Memories Remembering Charles Bowdish, who created the miniature railroad now at the Carnegie Science Center
February Light of Highland Lake The story of the museum's 8 hp Bates and Edmonds engine and generator
March The Man Who Changed the World A tribute to the accomplishments of Herbert Akroyd Stuart and his oil engines
April A West Virginia Weekend A visit to Harrisville, West Virginia, for the By the Lake Show
May The Engines of Ohio Looking back at the many engine manufacturers that called Ohio their home
June The Wheels are Turning Just a few of the many preparations under way for the June Exposition
July The Powers of Coolspring A study of the many pumping powers on display at the museum
August WOW! Whatta Show! Recapping the outstanding Exposition held in June that featured engines built in Ohio
September An Experiment The museum held its first History Day and Antique Car, Truck & Tractor Show in July
October When a Diesel Isn't a Diesel A discussion of Diesel engines and their many close relatives
November Getting Outta Dodge Paul Harvey travels to New England and visits several interesting engine collections
December Autumn Engines: Our Fall Show A report on the very pleasant Fall Exposition & Swap Meet
2011 Article Title Article Topic
January First Edition The first edition of The Flywheel including a progress report on upcoming exhibits
February The 80 Horsepower Bessemer Project The story of the discovery, move, and reconstruction of the 80 hp Bessemer Type X
March The Original Building and Its Engines A look at the Founders Engine House and the original collection of engines at Coolspring
April The McKee Station: A Glimpse Into the Past A history of McKee Station, a reconstructed National Transit pump station
May DeLaVergne: The Story of a Giant A historical tour of DeLaVergne Machine Company and the engines it produced
June CPM Spotlights the Engines Built in New York State Looking ahead to the June Exposition and the featured engines built in New York state
July Two New Buildings for Coolspring! The museum continues to grow with the addition of Pat's Place and the Friends Exhibition Hall
August June Show Report: Another Good One!!! A report on the June Exposition and the many exhibits it brought to the museum
September A German Friend A high school friend of Paul Harvey's returns to Coolspring from Germany and visits the museum
October A Successful Weekend The August Open Days featured engine runs and a good turnout of visitors
November Some New England Museums Paul Harvey and Tom Rapp visit several antique machinery museums
December Our Fall Show: Another Wet One! It rained on Coolspring Power Museum's Fall Exposition but the show succeeded anyway


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