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March 2022

Greenberg Cadillac Museum

By Paul Harvey

1962 Cadillac

Greenberg Cadillac Museum is a unique new museum that just opened last summer and is located in nearby Brookville, Pennsylvania.  I had the privilege of a private tour last April, and let me tell you that it is truly amazing. The collection includes nearly 80 vintage Cadillacs from 1903 to present, each with its special message and meaning.  But Iím getting ahead of myself, so letís go back to see how the museum started.

Steve Greenberg grew up in Detroit.  Wow, the automotive capital of the world!  As a kid, he built models and collected dealer pamphlets.  Hmmm, I did that also.  Great fun, but the beginnings of life long passions.  Steve with cars and me with gas engines.

His uncle took him to a car show in 1958 at the Michigan State Fair where he fell in love with a silver Cadillac Eldorado convertible.  My parents took me to Rough and Tumble in Kinzers, Pennsylvania, and I fell I love with gas engines.  Our life long passions had started!  It is amazing what has developed for both of us.  So, the story continues.

Steve married Deena and they bought a used Cadillac Coupe De Ville, and I married Marilyn and we bought a Model 4 Klein for our new building.  Unknown to us, our lives seemed to parallel.  It makes a great story.

 Dr. Steve Greenberg, now an ophthalmologist, moved to Brookville to set up his practice.  And I was there as a practicing Emergency Medicine physician.  We met and became good friends, neither knowing each otherís growing hobbies.  We didnít know until after our retirements!  But we each continued to develop our hobbies as the years passed.

Steve retired and purchased a defunct auto dealership in Brookville to house his collection and to create a restoration shop.  He became very proficient in all phases of restoration, and his collection grew.  I retired to work on my collection and to help Coolspring Power Museum grow.  Last year, it was decided that perhaps our two museums could work together to provide a unique experience for visitors to our area.  This cooperation is continuing for 2022.

The Cadillac Museum made their open dates the same as CPMís for 2022, so visitors might spend a weekend in Brookville and leisurely visit both.  Each one takes at least a day to see and enjoy.  With all the other amenities the area has to offer, it would be very pleasant indeed.

Here are the Greenberg Cadillac Museum Dates for 2022

June 17 and 18 - Friday and Saturday 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. (Laurel Festival)

July 16 and 17 - Saturday and Sunday 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

August 20 and 21 - Saturday and Sunday 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

September 17 and 18 - Saturday and Sunday 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

So, letís visit the Greenberg Cadillac Museum and see what it has to offer.  You will be amazed!

There are three climate-controlled buildings plus a shop building in the complex.  This is one of the first cars that greeted me.  Note the tile floor.  This is gonna be good!

1916 Cadillac

Looks good but letís take a further tour and see some more cars.  All are meticulously restored and beautifully displayed.  Many are unique and have served a special purpose.  Again, a parallel of the two museums.  CPM proudly displays many unique engines that have served a special purpose.  This common theme is what makes both museums so interesting.

Overview 1

 Overview 2

I took these photos last year.  Great to see hoods up for an engine guy to see the power plant.  That was when I realized they were all frame-up restorations.  What meticulous work, and done so well.  So, letís stroll around and see what else there is to offer.

Self Tour Map

The Cadillac Museum established a walking tour map for their visitors and has docents to help explain the displays.  Again, CPM is similar that it has tour guides to help visitors appreciate the many displays.

1962 Eldorado Brougham

Cadillac made some very great vehicles and also did some very interesting advertising.  I just had to add this advertisement from 1962.  A huge but very beautiful vehicle!  Enjoy!  But letís not forget the gas engine ads during their heyday.  Very artistic and almost unbelievable in the claims.  Hmmm!  So very similar.

I must include this excited Facebook posting from Deena as they were vacationing in Florida.  New additions are always exciting both for the Greenbergs and for me at CPM.  Thatís what it is all about.  The old is great and the new is exciting!  It keeps us both going and improving.


I certainly hope you have enjoyed this little peek into the Greenberg Cadillac Museum, and how I have paralleled the two lives and two collections.  Visit both museums this summer and be amazed!



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