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June 2021 - Extra

Before the Show

By Paul Harvey

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Gosh! Itís the week before CPMís big show which will be June 17, 18, and 19. Coming so quickly!  So, tonight Iím relaxing a bit and reflecting back onto all that was needed during this past year to make it happen!  A lot of work indeed, so I would like to share some of this with you.  Hope you enjoy!

Letís travel back to October 2020 and visit the conclusion of a very successful Fall show.  Our visitors have gone home and our volunteers have the museum completely winterized.  Thatís over until Spring.  After a pleasant dinner, everyone bids goodbye and leaves for their homes to endure the coming winter months with the short days, the cold weather, and the ice and snow.  Sounds so very peaceable.  And so it is, for a while anyway.

Soon, we must emerge from our pleasant reverie and start planning the 2021 event.  At times, this task is boring but must be done.  First, the theme for the new year must be chosen.  This time it was easy as we will do Miller engines again.  We were unable to do it in 2020 due to COVID-19.  With the theme chosen, rack cards and posters have to be printed.  CPM uses 10,000 rack cards and 500 posters each year!  Big expense, but so necessary.  Planned cost that must be fit into our budget.

Next item is the Show Directory which always has to be submitted by November 2.  Necessary art work is done and sent in on time.  Another task done!  Now, with the chosen theme, a Bores & Strokes issue must be written for that theme, and we must recruit a volunteer to write it.

There is always a constant barrage of emails to answer correlating items among the museum directors, as well answering many questions from the fellow collectors.  This communication establishes so many pleasant relationships.  Christmas postings are always so much fun to do!  A pleasant break.

Now into the new year, many tasks have to be done.  We have to prepare all our usual advertising but many more unseen tasks need done.  Itís never too early to get commitments, and there are so many.  Everyone fills their niche handling all the tasks. Insurance, audit, dumpster, fire extinguisher inspection, porta potties, ambulance, shuttle bus, gate schedule and so many more!  All have to be done and scheduled.  Somehow it all gets done smoothly and another June show happens!  All who help are rewarded by providing you, our guest, a pleasant and safe experience at CPM.

Recalling times past, the meager 1976 show was so simple.  There were really no regulations then and it was much like an engine family gathering.  At times, I long to return to those simple times!  But during the years, CPM grew to the world-class organization that is now.  I thank all who have made this happen.

Next month will be an exciting article about the June Show, including many photos. History now, you will enjoy it as it happened. It should be a great show!

See you then!


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