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September 11, 2021 - Extra

Smicksburg Truck and Tractor

By Paul Harvey

Smicksburg Sign

This little tale started back at CPM’s History Day and Truck Show in July.  While admiring this B model Mack, I met its owner, Josh Frye, of nearby Dayton, Pennsylvania.  Striking up a great friendship, he invited me to his organization’s coming show. Hmmm?  Sounds like a “must do,” and so a very enjoyable day happened!  And the story unfolds.

Mack B

The Smicksburg Antique Tractor and Machinery Show is an annual event held at the Dayton, Pennsylvania, fairgrounds.  About 20 miles distant from Coolspring, it is located in an area of fertile Amish farms with meticulously maintained fields.  The rolling acres of tall corn were a delight to see.

The area is well known for the various shops and eateries in Smicksburg.  Touring the area, one finds many Amish farms selling their wares.  It is a delightful experience to visit them.

Josh asked if he could borrow a couple of my trucks for the event.  I readily agreed!  Here we see my big Autocar tractor and the West Coaster hitched to the Phelan trailer with the John Deere R aboard.  Great, but I just had to see!  Note Josh’s B model Mack pulling his camper and his gorgeous R model beside.  Nice!

Paul's Trucks

Kenny, Stewart, and I decided to attend, so we hitched Bo’s little trailer to my Subaru, loaded a golf cart, and off we went.  Gosh, it was huge and I couldn’t have seen it without the wheels.

We started touring the tractor section and were very impressed.  These examples only a small part of their display.  The pleasant temperature and brilliant sunny day sure helped to create a relaxed and happy mood.

Tractor Display 1

More tractors, including a 1954 Oliver 66, a 1950 Oliver Cletrac HG 68, and a McCormick-Deering W-40!

Tractor Display 2  Tractor Display 3  Tractor Display 4

Now, realizing that we were hungry, we headed to the food in the grandstand.  Amazing how tractors make one forget food!  The choices were excellent as I had a kielbasa and ‘kraut sandwich with fries.  Looks like Stewart is having a big burger and fries.  Yummy, it was good.


Now revitalized, we headed back to the fantastic garden tractor display.  So many brands and many new to me.  Gosh, they look like fun.  I was impressed with the Speedex display as I fondly recalled the one my dad bought in 1960.  With its 8 hp Kohler and 36-inch deck, I spent many long hours mowing.  Wonderful memories.  Yep, it’s still here!

Speedex Tractors

So now we visited the truck display, and some 40 great ones were shown.  Is it possible that all were my favorites?  Of course, they are!

Truck Display 1  Truck Display 2  Truck Display 3

Two did catch my special interest.  First was this little Euclid rock truck belonging to Dayton Lumber.  By the shine of the bed, it must still earn its keep.  Second is this beautifully restored GMC “Cracker Box” tractor.  It brought back fond memories of the one I had so many years ago.  I still vividly recall the evening that I brought home the 25-ton frame of the Snow Diesel with it.  Those were the days!  The Detroit Diesels sang a great song.

Euclid  GMC Cracker Box

Now we relaxed a couple of hours in the grandstand watching the tractor pulls.  Here is a nice John Deere A singing its song while making a great pull.

Tractor Pull

The afternoon was quickly escaping so we decided to load the golf cart and head home.  It was great day and I certainly hope to return.  Amazing the “Hidden Gems” in our backyards!  We just have to find them.  Enjoy!



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