600 Horsepower Snow Gas Engine - Page 12

Night Before Debut

The 600 hp Snow engine in Exley Station the night before its dedication ceremony in October 2013.

Dedication October 2013

On October 18, 2013, Coolspring Power Museum held a dedication ceremony for the Snow engine which has come to life here at the culmination of twenty years of hard work by a very dedicated crew.

Chris and Ben at Dedication

 Chris and Ben provided their thoughts on this much anticipated occasion.

Chris Startup

With Chris at the control pod doing the starting procedure, and with more crew members assisting, the Snow made a successful run for the dedication ceremony. Be sure to watch the video from the dedication ceremony.

Exley South Wall

As of mid-April 2015, the Exley Station building was nearing completion.  Sliding doors were installed on the west end of the building.  The concrete floor around the engine was finished.

Roll Up Doors Installed

In late April 2015, the openings on the south face of the building had roll-up doors installed.  This feature allows good access to the building and creates plenty of vantage points for viewing the Snow engine.

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