600 Horsepower Snow Gas Engine - Page 3

Pumper Truck

A big engine needs a big foundation to support it.  Contractors used this concrete pumping truck to pour the massive concrete foundation for the Snow engine.

Foundation Mat

In October 2005, the first pour prepared a flat base mat for the foundation.  The base mat is about three feet thick.

Foundation Crew

Next, with forms in place on top of the base mat, workers poured the foundation pedestal for the engine.

Snow Foundation

At this point, the foundation forms are full and the anchor bolts for the engine are set in the concrete.

Foundation October 2005

Forms were then removed from the foundation pedestal and more forms placed to complete the box structure that surrounds the pedestal.  Overall, the foundation structure for the engine required 287 yards of concrete.

Parts in Storage Feb 2006

Most of the parts for the engine were in storage at Knox Station in February 2006.

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