600 Horsepower Snow Gas Engine - Page 7

Building Begins

With the heavy components installed, it was time to start work on the building.  Donated trusses were refurbished and set into place in September 2008.

Snow Building

The metal framework of the main part of the building were now complete and the roof was installed. The engine was leveled, aligned, and ready for grout to secure the base of the engine to the foundation.


In this photo Mark Himes is needle scaling the water jacket. We removed about 55 gallons of scale and rust out of both cylinders. Notice that each cylinder assembly is made in two halves and bolted together in the middle. This work took place on the April work weekend in 2009.

Side Shaft Brackets

This crew of volunteers is shown installing the brackets for the side shaft.

Exhaust Valve

Getting ready to install an exhaust valve after doing a blue check on the seat.

Intake Cage

Installing the intake valve cages.

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