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This 20 hp engine was purchased in 1900 to power grain handling equipment on a large farm near Chalmers, Ind.  It was placed on standby when the farm received REA electricity in 1929.  It was brought to the museum in 1992.  It was built in Anderson, Ind. It is very complex for farm use. 



This 15 hp engine was built in Sandusky, Ohio, about 1910.  It is throttle governed and has huge wide flywheels that suggest it was used for electric generation.  It is nicely finished and features a vertical governor and side shaft.  It was brought to the museum in 1992.



This engine was built by the Crossley Bros. of Manchester, England in 1890 and sold to the Cooperative Society of Durham, England.  Years later, it was acquired by Henry Ford and placed in his museum in Dearborn, MI.  It came to Coolspring in 2000.  Producing 1/2 nominal hp, it features an inverted slide valve design.  At that time, for small powers the single wheel inverted design was popular in England and carried over to this country for limited models. 


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