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This engine was built by the Rider-Ericsson Engine Company of New York City in the early 1880s.  It is actually a Stering cycle hot air engine.  In use, a wood or coal fire was built in the black box underneath the engine and the pistons “bounced” hot and cold air back and forth to produce power.  It was inefficient but trouble free and could pump water with the attached pump for a large estate.  This engine was used by the John D. Rockefeller estate to pump water for the cottage on their island off the coast of Maine. 



This 15 hp engine was built in Elyria, Ohio circa 1908.  It powered an Amish millwright's shop in Lancaster County,  PA for many years.  It came here in 1992 and always runs so well.   It features a unique three main bearing crankshaft and large vertical governor.  Elyria advertised it as their “little big engine” as they also built tandem models on the same frame. 



This is probably the oldest Foos engine known being serial number 16 and built in 1893.  It is 10 hp.  It was shipped to Pasadena, CA where it was used to power a private wood working shop on a large country estate.  It came to the museum in the 1990s and is a beautiful example of the old style Foos engine. 



The original 1883 Daimler “high speed” engine was destroyed in a fire at the factory in Cannstatt, Germany in 1903.  Daimler built this reproduction in 1970 in exact detail of the original and it runs for out guests during our events.  It features unique face cam design, hot tube ignition, and gasoline vaporizer. 


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