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This 10 hp engine was built in Columbus, Ohio  circa 1904 and, by its serial number, it was the 132nd 10 hp  engine made.  It powered a cider mill in Vermont  until  the mid-1980s and was brought to the museum in 1992.  Its most interesting feature in that the governor actually stops the cam cluster holding the exhaust valve open and disabling the intake valve and ignitor. 

White and Middleton 


This very early engine was built in Baltimore, MD, on October 25, 1893.  It is 10 hp. It was used on a farm in Shelby, Indiana and brought here in 1992.  Early features include uncooled head and hot tube ignition.  It is a well finished engine that displays the beautiful lines of the Eastern Seaboard makers.  Note the crisp horizontal and vertical arrangement. 



This is a very early “gearless” Olds of the 12 hp size.  It is circa early 1890s.  It was made in Lansing, Michigan by Ransom E. Olds whose name became famous for the Olds cars and REO trucks.  It arrived here in 1992 and no prior history is known.  Its most interesting feature is the pendulum governor and ratchet wheel valve mechanism that replaced timing gears. 



This 13 hp engine was built by Crossley Bros. of Manchester, England about 1920.  It was used in Garrett’s Green College in Birmingham, England until 1982.  It is fitted with attachments to teach thermodynamics by measuring cylinder pressure and piston speed.  It ws donated to CPM in 2000.


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