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Schleicher Schumm Horizontal


This engine was built in Philadelphia, PA and licensed under the Otto patents.  It was built about 1881. Although rated at 2 hp it is very large for the power output.  It is of the slide valve, open flame ignition design and powered a printing shop in Dover, DE for 47 years.  It was then purchased by Henry Ford and shown in his museum.  It came here about 1992.

Schleicher Schumm Inverted


This little engine carries both the Otto and the Schleicher-Schumm names.  It is of inverted design and produces 1/3 hp.  It was built in the 1892-1893 era and shown at Chicago’s 1893 Columbian Exposition.  Over the years, it fell into disrepair and, by an extensive restoration, it again operates in all its glory.  It is displayed proudly here at the museum. 

Otto and Langen


This is a fully operational 3/4 scale replica of the 1867 free piston engine that produced 1/2 hp.  There is no crankshaft.  The piston is connected to a rack which engages a gear on the power shaft through a one way dog clutch.  The explosion drives the piston upward while free wheeling the gear.  As the charge cools, atmospheric pressure forces the piston back down producing the power.  It is slide valve with open flame ignition, a design that carried through to later engines.  This engine was built by Wayne Grenning in 2000 and he proudly runs it for our events.  By the above operation, these are often called “atmospheric engines.”



This 6 hp engine, circa 1908, was originally used in Maine to operate a small mill where it served until 1985.  It governs on the hit and miss principal by completely declutching it side shaft to hold the exhaust valve open and stop all other functions.  This is most interesting to watch. It was built in Dayton, Ohio and came to the museum in 1992. 


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