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This 3 hp engine, circa 1898, was built by the Backus Water Motor Co. of Newark, NJ.  It features the crisp “eastern seaboard” lines and a pendulum governor.  It was used to drive a generator on a large estate in the Catskill Mountains of New York.  It was removed in 1980 and came here about 10 years ago. 



This beautiful engine is a 5 hp model that is circa 1904.  It operated a small machine shop in New Jersey and was removed in 1974.  It came to the museum in the early 2000s.  This engine, along with the White & Middleton and Backus, shows the crisp vertical and horizontal lines of the eastern seaboard makers.  It runs hit and miss with a vertical governor.

Buffalo Marine


This diminutive engine was built in Buffalo, New York, about 1900 for marine use.  It is a 2 hp model of four-cycle design and twin cylinders.  The large lever across the top would have varied the pitch of the propeller to provide a forward, stop, and reverse without stopping the engine.  The vertical shaft to the right drives an overhead shaft to power the ignitors.  It is well finished and features much brass work.  It was purchased in Maine in 1971 where it powered a boat.



This 7 hp model was built in 1904.  It is typical of the type S (or standard) Foos design of that time.  It spent its working life in a small mill in New England and came here in 1992.  The type S Foos was a very practical and durable engine that was well finished and had a disc crankshaft.  It was built in Springfield, Ohio.


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