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National Transit Pump


This is a VTPP (vertical triplex power pump) built by National Transit of Oil City,  PA.   It has a 4 inch bore and 10 inch stroke which makes it somewhat unusual among the pumps Transit used.  It was belted to the Model 1 Klein (shown earlier) at their Kennerdell Station.  Kennerdell pumped crude oil from a wide area and many other stations on to the refinery in Emlenton, PA.  The oil was collected in several large tanks then delivered by this pump to the refinery. 

Reid Engine


This is a 30 hp four-cycle Reid probably made in the late 1930s in Oil City, PA.  Note the side shaft and the elaborate design as Reid was trying to catch up with the competition.  It was a good engine but other firms soon left Reid behind.  This engine operated a compressor in a pressure plant just north of Oil City.

Berry Engine


This 15 hp Berry engine was built in Petrolia, PA, circa 1910.  It is a four-cycle with over and under valves and could have an optional belt drive governor.  Along with the Evans, these engines were very durable and used in 24/7 service.  Ignition was by hot tube.  This engine pumped an oil well near Chicora, PA, and came to the museum in the late 1970s. 


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