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Twin Novo Engine


This unusual twin-cylinder, hit and miss, hopper cooled engine was built in Lansing, MI in the 1915 era.  It was found in the Charles Bowdish wood shop in Brookville, PA.  He was known for building the first miniature village and train display in the Buhl Planetarium in Pittsburgh, PA.  This engine replaced a Jenks engine that was built in Brookville, PA and sadly long gone.  It was donated by Mr. Bowdish and moved to the museum in 1967. 

Thermoil 7 hp Engine


This engine is the 7 hp  type U Thermoil built by Hercules of Evansville, IN.  It is a cold start oil engine that operates on the Hvid principle.  These engines were difficult to start, but when running were quite dependable being able to burn the then-cheaper fuels such as diesel fuel or crude oil.  Its history is not known.

Thermoil 9 hp Engine


This 9 hp type U Thermoil built by Hercules of Evansville, IN was originally used by the Eureka Pipe Line Co in West Virginia.  It was located in the small Eddy Station near the village of Core and was belted to a National Transit triplex crude oil pump.  It moved the oil over the mountain to the bigger Dolls Run station in Core.  It came here in 1967.

Mogul Engine


This 8 hp engine was built by International Harvester circa 1910.  It is throttle governed with valves power operated from cams on the sideshaft.  Ignition is by magneto and ignitor. It is still on original factory skids with the original fuel tanks. Note the paint on the flywheel.  It did farm work on a large estate in New England. 


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