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Black Bear Engine


This 25 hp engine was made by Oil Well Supply in Oil City, PA and the culmination of a series of earlier designs.  Vintage would be the 1920s.  It features a side shaft with power operated valves, multiple ignition options, ported cylinder, and belt drive governor.  It powered an oil lease in NW PA.  It came here in the early 2000s.

Witte Engine


This 12 hp hopper cooled engine was built in Kansas City, MO.  Witte is responsible for one of the first “farm engine” designs using a water hopper.  Note the blind bored cylinder and long rocker arm.  This style was introduced as a one hp Witte Junior in 1901.  Being very durable, this engine saw oil field use near Parker, PA.

Klein Model 1 Engine


This huge engine, weighing 10 tons, was the first of the Klein designs and had a 12 inch bore and 24 inch stroke.  It was built in 1899.  Note the absence of a side shaft but the unusual ignitor drive and the pull rod to the exhaust valve.  It was built by National Transit of Oil City, PA and served in the Kennerdell, PA station of that company.  It came here about 1980. 

Primm Engine


This 45 hp, two-cycle oil engine was built in Lima, Ohio circa 1915.  It came from another collector and arrived here in the early 1980s.  It features a vertical governor, an elaborate fuel pump assembly and an early electric glow plug.  It uses air start and water injection to cushion the explosions. 


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