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Ellis Engine 


This 12 hp. twin-cylinder engine was made in Detroit, MI circa 1905.  It is very original with the cooling water tank, as well as the fuel and gasoline tanks.  It served its entire life on a large farm near Marion Center, PA and was donated to the museum several years ago.  This design is the forerunner of the Detroit and Bessemer upright engines. 

McVicker New Style Engine


This 2.5 hp engine, made in Alma, MI,  was unique with its piston tripped ignitor and electric governor.  The exhaust valve, which operated from a cam on the crankshaft, is lifted to engage the valve when the engine fired.  This is done by a small cylinder port connected to a plunger to lift the push rod.  It arrived in the early 1970s.

McVicker Old Style Engine


This 4 hp engine was built in Alma, MI about the turn of the last century.  It has a piston tripped ignitor and electric governor that cuts the current when going too fast.  There is a port in the bottom of the cylinder that operates the rocker arm to exhaust with no other mechanical means.  It came here in the mid-1970s from a collector. 



This 10 hp oil country engine was shipped to the Alum Rock Gasoline Plant near Turkey City, PA on Nov. 23, 1915.  It is all original paint and features both hot tube and star wheel ignitor.  It is reported to have run the auxiliary equipment in the plant. 



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