Type X Bessemer Engine - Page 7

Building Foundation

Additional pours of concrete raised the foundation walls for the building.  Note that the flywheel is installed in this photo.


In September 2010, the photo shows Pat Colby using a shovel as the foundation pit was filled in.

Backfilling Foundation

A Bobcat eased the process of moving the large amount of soil required to fill around the engine foundation and the building foundation.

Two Walls Up

Next, came the re-erection of the building. The roof had to be dismantled during removal but the four walls were brought home in complete sections and we were able to use our crane to set them into place.

Ben and the Bessemer

Finally, a smiling Ben poses with the engine as the installation was essentially complete by the time of the fall 2010 engine show.

Completed Building

Before any snowfall, the building was completed with all doors and windows in place and secured until the final details were finished in the spring of 2011.

After sitting idle for so many years, the Bessemer is now running during our shows!

The museum thanks all those who have worked to hard to make this project possible.  It will be here for all to enjoy and to interpret as an important part of oil field heritage.

Please visit our Windy City exhibit for more examples of air lease technology.

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