Type X Bessemer Engine - Page 3

Engine Exposed

In June 2010, with the roof and two walls removed, the engine basked in the sunshine for the first time in 85 years.

Engine Raised

Following disconnection of plumbing and accessories, the engine was raised off of its foundation and supported by blocks.  The power cylinder is to the left in the photo.  The compressor cylinder is to the right.

Cylinder Head

The bright sunshine highlights details of the power cylinder head.

Power Cylinder

Here is a detail of the power cylinder and the flywheel.  The engine is throttle governed. Note that the flywheel has pockets cast in the rim for barring over the engine using a lever and fulcrum, which have already been removed in this photo.

Compressor Cylinder

Detail of the compressor cylinder.

Initial Move

Now that the building was completely removed, it was time to move the engine off of its foundation.

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