Type X Bessemer Engine - Page 2

Completed J-Bolts

Completed J-bolts ready for installation.

Foundation Steel

The J-bolts and reinforcing bar were tied together on top of the foundation pad.

Beginning Forms

This photo from May 2010 shows the forms for the engine’s foundation being assembled.

Foundation Forms

The forms were in place and waiting for concrete.

Completed Foundation

With the concrete poured and the forms removed, the foundation for the engine was now ready.

Museum member Ben Egloff from Albion, New York, headed the project and spent every weekend in Coolspring from April through November. While the site at the museum was being prepared, he disassembled everything at the Kane location and oversaw loading it onto our trucks.

Building Opened

The engine and interior of the building were first photographed to aid in identification of parts and to help with reassembly.  Then the building was disassembled using an excavator for lifting the walls.

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