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This 40 hp engine was built in 1909 and used in the Lewisburg, Ohio, water works where it and its twin drove Smith-Vaile pumps to supply the town’s water.  It is a Type S or Standard with the rotary wipe spark igniter.  John removed it in 1971 and brought it here in the late 1970s where it remained his favorite.  It was built in Springfield, Ohio.



This 35 hp Superior is the “mill model” with dual ignition, power operated valves, and throttling governor.  It was built in 1914 and replaced the water power at the Reedy Milling Company in Reedy, West Virginia.  It was removed by John in 1967 and came to the museum in the late 1970s where it continues to operate well.  It was built in Springfield, Ohio.  Note that the original gasometer is behind the engine. 



This special order 15 hp electric lighting engines with glass fuel bowl was built in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1908.  It, and its identical twin, were ordered by the Roebling family, wire rope makers and builders of the Brooklyn Bridge, for use on their mountain top estate near Gladstone, New Jersey.  They drove Deane triplex pumps and a deep well pump to supply water.  Removed in 1970, it came here soon after. 



This rare 40 hp engine was built by the Erie Gas Engine Works Erie, Pennsylvania, circa 1898.  It originally powered a candy factory in St. Mary’s, Pennsylvania, and was later moved to a flour mill in that city.  About 1940, the basement was sealed and the engine slept until discovered by us and removed in 1980.  Note the original paint and disc crankshaft. 


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