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Turner Fricke


This large engine was built in Sharon, Pennsylvania, about 1913 and originally was one of three that provided electricity to the Roystone Station of the Pennsylvania Gas Company located near Sheffield, Pennsylvania.  It is interesting to note that this is the same location our Snow engine came from.  It came here in the mid-1970s.  Having 13 x 13 cylinders, this machine produces 150 hp at 277 rpm.



This General Electric alternator was direct coupled to a Turner Fricke engine to produce electricity for the entire Roystone Station complex.  This example was one of three units in the installation.  The pulley on its right drove the DC exciter.  It could produce 150 kva of alternating current.  It came to the museum with the engine in mid-1970s. 

Panel Board


This is a portion of the control panel with knife switches and various meters that controlled the electricity at Roystone Station.  The panels are white marble and are lighted by lamps with green milk glass shades.  The original power house at Roystone was built of red tile and had an entire 30 foot wall of these control panels guarded by a brass railing.  There were three engine and alternator units capable of making a total of 450 kva of 60 cycle power. 

Mogul and Compressor


This one hp Mogul engine was found on a farm near Fairview, West Virginia, in 1967 where it was direct coupled to a Bean sprayer.  It is circa 1915.  Here it belt drives an air compressor that can produce the starting air for the Turner Fricke.  It takes the Mogul about three hours to fill the two large tanks outside to the needed 125 psi.


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