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Domestic Engine and Pump 


This 4 hp engine and combination pump was built in Shippensburg, PA. It was originally used by the Washington Oil Company, of Taylorstown, PA, to pump water to their portable boiler and drilling rigs. It is skid mounted and easily moved from one location to another. It is equipped with a natural gas mixer and dual ignition. It came to Coolspring in 1969 and has been a mainstay of the pumping system since.

Bovaird & Company Engine and Pump 


A vertical hit and miss governed engine direct geared to an inverted two plunger pump, this unit was made by Bovaird and Company of Bradford, PA. It is hot tube ignition and can be cooled by either the fluid it is pumping or a separate water supply. Originally located along Tionesta Creek just north of Blue Jay (Lynch), PA, it pumped crude oil north from a small oil lease. Out of service many years, it came here in 1969.

Electrical Supply 


This photo shows the various electrical supply components for the Pump House. Noted to the left are the low tension coils for the Otto and IHC. Above are the switches for the various uses. Next to the coils is a vintage battery charger. All the lighting and ignition wires are knob and tube design. The red box switches the lighting and low tension circuits.

Renfrew Engine 


Completing the cooling system, on the hill behind the Pump House is a 4 hp Renfrew Engine, built in Renfrew, ONT. It originally powered a boat winch in Nova Scotia, Canada. It is belted to a Fairbanks Morse stationary radiator from Eureka Pipe Lines Downs Station near Mannington, WV. Both came here in 1970.


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