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Century Motor 


This large 3 hp repulsion induction motor powers the Goulds Pyramid pump. Typical of the electric motors on the early 1900s, it is very large for its size but delivers outstanding dependability. Its original use is unknown to us. 

International Famous Engine 


This vertical 3 hp gas engine was built by the International Harvester Company, circa 1906. It can easily be used as an alternative power source for the Goulds Pyramid pump by changing the belts. It originally powered wood working tools in the Charles Bowdish shop located in Brookville, PA. Mr. Bowdish was well known for his miniature village exhibit in Brookville and Pittsburgh. It came here in 1969.  

Knowles Triplex Pump 


This pump was put in service in 2013 and provides additional pumping capacity. It is now powered by a 5 hp Otto gas engine. It was originally located in the Tidewater Pipe Line’s Olmstead station near Coudersport, PA, where it provided cooling water for three large diesel engines that moved crude oil over the mountains and to the eastern markets. It came here in 1971.

Otto Engine 


Now powering the Knowles Triplex Pump, this 5 hp Otto engine, number 9069, originally was used in Maine. The exact use is unknown but it would have been appropriate to power a small machine shop. It came to the museum in 1971 and now spends long hours pumping water. 


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