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This bell was originally mounted on a small Porter steam locomotive that moved freight cars in a railroad yard near Freeport, PA.  It was purchased in the early 1970s and mounted over the door of the Pump House in 1984.



This light was originally located over the door to the museumís twin Klein engine when it was located at Eureka Pipe Lineís Millcreek Station near Charleston, WV. It was removed as the engine was taken out and has served on the Pump House since 1984. It shows the damage of years of usage but still functions well. 

Sump Tank 


The round structure in the foreground is the 12 foot deep concrete sump tank where all the cooling water of many of the museumís engines returns. Structures served by this system are listed on the Introduction page of this exhibit. The equipment in the Pump House then returns the water to elevated tanks behind the building where the cycle begins again.

Goulds Pump 


This large pump is the mainstay of the water system with its large capacity and dependability. It has a 6 inch bore and 12 inch stroke making it capable of moving 3.5 gallons of water per revolution. It was built by Goulds Pumps of Seneca Falls, NY, and originally served as a fire pump at the National Fuel Gas Eldred Station near Sigel, PA. It came to the museum in the early 1970s.


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