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Bessemer 5 hp Engine


This engine is the electric lighting model with heavier flywheels than usual.  Records show that it was shipped to Peter Stewart of Freeport, Pennsylvania, on July 23, 1906.  It still has original paint and features both hot tube and electric ignition.   It arrived at the museum in the mid-1970s and was built in Grove City, Pennsylvania.

Bessemer and Generator


This photo shows the electric lighting Bessemer (shown above) belted to a DC generator built by Westinghouse complete with panel board.  It was common practice to run the belt over one of the wide, crowned flywheels  to be able to run the generator at the necessary speed.  This unit can illuminate the Founders Engine House, which is representative of the original purpose of the engine.

Little Hummer Engine


These unusual four-cycle engines were built by National Transit Pump and Machine of Oil City, Pennsylvania, about 1917.  They were air cooled and used the exhaust to provide a draft of cool air through the vertical fins.  This engine powered the straight lift Transit pump jack located just outside this building and shown in another photo. It was originally at Transitís  Wolf Run Station to pump crude oil from two small oil leases.  This was located near Duhring, Pennsylvania, and it came to the museum about 1968.

Transit Pump Jack


This unusual pump jack, built by National Transit Pump and Machine of Oil City, Pennsylvania, employs a linkage that gives it a straight vertical lift.  Vintage would be early 1900s.  It was powered by the Little Hummer engine just inside the building and used the Transit pump cylinder to move crude oil from the Wolf Run Station near Duhring, Pennsylvania.  Commonly, these jacks were used to pump individual oil wells and this adaptation was quite unusual.


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