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Buffalo Olin


This engine was designed by Fred Olin and built in Buffalo, New York, about 1900.  It is interesting to note that Titusville Iron Works also built an Olin engine.  It is hot tube ignition and hit and miss governing.  It was acquired from another collector so no early history is known.  It would have been appropriate to drive a small lathe or similar item.

Mietz and Weiss


This engine was built by Augustus Mietz in New York City about 1897 and follows the design of Carl Weiss.  It is a two-cycle, direct injection oil engine that requires a hot bulb to be heated red hot to start.  It was one of the many attempts to circumvent the Diesel patent on oil engines and was quite successful.  This is an early example as noted by the inclined plane, hit and miss governor.  It was found on a farm in West Alexander, Pennsylvania, in 1969. 



This 5 hp two-cycle engine was made by Etna Machine in Butler, Pennsylvania.  They were  a small manufacturer who produced a limited number of engines to pump oil wells during the big boom in Butler County.  This example was found upside down and discarded in a creek. Probably built about 1910 to 1915 and brought here in the early 1970s.

Clark Sintz


This early engine was built by Clark Sintz in Springfield, Ohio about 1890 before he moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he concentrated on marine engine.  It is very similar to the early vertical Foos engines.   It was found in an old shop building in Freeport, Pennsylvania, with very many parts missing and no clue as to what it did.  Likely it could have powered a small lathe or machine tool.   It was acquired in 1972.


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