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This four-cycle engine has a pendulum governor and hot tube ignition.  It has an unusual eccentric drive to  the exhaust valve and governor.  It was built in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and originally pumped an oil well near Ridgway, Pennsylvania.  It was added to the collection in the early 1970s.   Very few of the engines exist today.

Air Compressor


This electric air compressor has an unusual centrifugal governed unloading device that allows easy starting.  It was found in the basement of an old store in Sigel, Pennsylvania, and now supplies compressed air for starting the engines in this building.  It is a fine example of early service station technology. 

Victor Horizontal


This 6 hp engine was built by International Harvester in 1906.  It features both natural gas and gasoline fuel supplies and has a friction drive dynamo for ignition.  It was found on a farm near Fairmont, West Virginia, and was completely buried in hay.  Uses included grinding feed and pumping water.  Acquired in 1967.

Klein Model 4


The model 4, built by National Transit Pump and Machine of Oil City, Pennsylvania, in 1902, was John Kleinís most complicated design.  It features a variable cutoff, pneumatic-mechanical governor that controls the timing of the intake valve.  This engine pumped crude oil at the Eureka Pipe Lineís Nutter Fork Station.


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