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Founders Engine House 1

The Founders Engine House has come a long way from the original collection of just four engines!  This exhibit can best be described as "eclectic" given the wide variety of engines on display.

The varied display makes an important point.  Early internal combustion engines were produced by many manufacturers, in many designs, and in many sizes.  The photo above shows a number of different designs and sizes of engines.

Founders Engine House 2

Here are a few examples of the larger engines in the exhibit.  Like many of the engines on display, they are plumbed into the building utilities and are in condition to run.

Founders Engine  House 3

This view shows two of the collection's original engines, the International Victor Horizontal to the left and the vertical Klein ahead.  They now have plenty of company.

Founders Engine House 4

The Founders Engine House is a good place to begin a tour of the museum.  It captures a glimpse of the rapid pace of technological development during the early years of the internal combustion engine industry.  It also shows how ingenuity brought the internal combustion engine into so many applications.


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