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This little vertical was built by the American Railway Appliance Company of Oil City, Pennsylvania, hence the name.  It is air cooled and has a tiny internal ported exhaust, as well as hot tube ignition and hit and miss governing.  These engines were once common in western Pennsylvania and this one was found near Kossuth, Pennsylvania, where it pumped a single oil well.  Araco also built pump jacks and their combination units were common.  This engine came to the museum in 1968 and has been mounted here since. 

Klein Vertical


This is a very early two-cycle engine built by National Transit Pump and Machine of Oil City, Pennsylvania.  It was most likely designed by John Klein.  It is interesting to note the similarity to a steam engine in its appearance.  This engine is affectionately called the “bang bang” because of the unusual exhaust sound.  It was found at the Blairs Corners Station, near Knox, Pennsylvania,  where it pumped crude oil from a local field.  It was built about 1898 and brought to the museum in 1967.  It had only been out of service for a short time.  



This belt driven compressor was  built by the Miller Gas Engine Co. of Springfield, Ohio and used to make air to start the large engines.  Here it is driven by the 6 hp IHC Famous and provides starting air to this building.  It has a very unusual, and dangerous, clutch which is not shown in the photo.  It came to the museum in the early 1970s.



This 20 hp unit, built by Pattin Bros. of Marietta, Ohio, is a combination engine and pumping power.  The rod lines would run directly from the eccentrics.  It was found near Bradford, Pennsylvania, in 1970 just as it was to be scrapped, and brought to the museum.  Vintage would be 1915 to 1920. 


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