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Ruger Horizontal


This well finished engine was built in Buffalo, NY in the early 1900s.  The vertical governor and heavy wheels  mean that it was originally used for electric lighting service.  It was found pumping crude oil near Tiona, PA.  where it had been abandoned for many years.  It came to the museum in the 1980s. 



This is a very rare engine built in Brady’s Bend, PA in a small machine shop.  Only about one dozen were built and they were used locally in the oil fields.  Vintage is circa 1915.  This one uses a flywheel borrowed from some other use and a water jacket made from large pipe.  It is an example of local ingenuity. 

Bovaird and Seyfang


This is the only know example of the “Mills” type of the single valve B&S engines.  It was built in Bradford, PA before the turn of the last century.  Along with the “Harbison” type, these engines were built for oil field use to pump the well.  This one was saved from Goodman Bros. scrap yard in Bradford one cold evening in the early 1970s.



This engine was built by Wise Machine of Butler, PA for oil field use.  During the big oil boom of Butler in the early 1900s many different engines were built.  There were more manufacturers in Butler than  any other city in PA.  This is a 15 hp model with hit and miss governing and shares many characteristics with the other engines made there. 


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