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This 1 1/2 hp Hercules, made in Evansville, IN in 1925, was the first  engine acquired.  It was bought by Paul Harvey in 1958 for $5.00 and lived here ever since.  It was obtained from a local driller who had used it in water pumping applications.  It also saw service doing general farm chores in Smicksburg, PA.  Later it  had a complete restoration and now runs beautifully. 

Bates and Edmonds


This big vertical was made in Lansing, MI, about 1910.  It is a high quality vertical with upright governor head and runs hit and miss.  It was restored by another collector and brought to the museum in the early 2000s.  Although appropriate to run a small machine shop, we are unsure of its exact early usage. 

New Era


This 30 hp engine, built in Dayton, Ohio about 1896, originally powered a flour mill in Morrisville, PA.  It differs from the more common New Era design with its automatic intake valve and sliding spindle ignitor.  It also has a longer main frame and round connecting rod.  The name plate is very large and detailed making it a very unusual machine.  It came to the museum in the early 1990s.

White and Middleton


This 7 hp engine was built in Baltimore, MD about 1898 and last served in the oil fields of West Virginia where it had laid in the mud many years.  It was acquired by the late Ed Middleton, restored, and donated to the museum in the early 2000s.  It is interesting to note that Ed was the son of Arthur Middleton who designed and built the engine. 


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