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This engine was built in Dayton, Ohio about 1900.  It is single flywheel and features a vertical governor that stops the sideshaft from turning to regulate the speed.  It was found on a mountain side overlooking the Allegheny River near East Brady, PA where it had pumped crude oil.  The building had burned and it laid on its side for many years. 



Built in Columbus, Ohio in 1903, this 25 hp engine once powered the municipal water works in West Manchester, Ohio.  It drove a triplex pump that filled two huge tanks that provided the water supply by gravity to the town.  It features unusual air starting and a vertical governor that stops the cam cluster to regulate the speed of the engine. 

George White


This engine was built in a small machine shop in Oil City, PA primarily for oil field use.  Only a very few were made and this one pumped crude oil near the top of Halliday Street.  Vintage would be about 1910. 

It is two-cycle uniflow design with a power operated crossover valve admitting the fuel to the head end of the cylinder.  It throttled by a butterfly valve in the crossover controlled by a Jarecki governor.

Ruger Vertical


The Ruger was built in Buffalo, NY about 1898.  Note that there is a horizontal Ruger behind this engine.  These little verticals were adapted to small power applications such as a lathe or printing press.  This engine features hot tube ignition and hit and miss governing.  It came to the museum in the late 1990s.  Ruger was one of the many builders in Buffalo at the turn of the last century. 


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