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Otto Diesel


This 50 hp engine is a direct injection Otto diesel built in Philadelphia, PA in 1929.  It was used in The Ice House of Lewisburg, PA to drive an ammonia compressor for cooling a brine tank to make ice blocks as well as an alternator to light the building.  It was in service into the 1960s then standby.

Ammonia Compressor and Alternator



This is the compressor and alternator that the Otto diesel drove.  The exciter is between  the units and the control panel is on the wall.  The brine tank cooled by the ammonia compressor made crystal clear block ice that the nearby  Amish community  wanted.

Otto Engine and Compressor


This little unit is a combination engine and air compressor built by Otto Superior to provide high pressure air to start the big Otto diesel.  It was probably built in the early 1930s and functions well here in its capacity.

It is gasoline fueled and has one power cylinder and one compressor cylinder and can easily produce 200 psi.  It was not part of the original installation.

Augsburg MAN Diesel


This engine was built in 1903 in Augsburg, Germany, and is direct coupled to a Siemens direct current generator.  It is an air injection engine that may have been worked on by Dr. Rudolph Diesel.  It provided power to run an elevator on the small island of Helgoland in the North Sea.  Henry Ford acquired it from the original site in the 1920s to display in his museum in Dearborn, MI.  We are now proud to display this important  artifact. 


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