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This engine was built by Oil Well Supply of Oil City, PA about 1900.  It features improvements over the old style using a regular four-cycle valve arrangement and hit and miss governor.  It was later replaced by the “Black Bear” design.   It has both hot tube and magneto ignition.  It pumped an oil lease near Chicora, PA and was brought to the museum in the early 1970s. 



This circa 1905, 15 hp, side shaft Witte, built in Kansas City, MO, is combined with a mine hoist.  It was used in the CA gold fields to pull up both mine cars and the miners. 

Bates and Edmonds


This circa 1900 Fairbanks Improved 20 hp twin was built by Bates and Edmonds of Lansing, MI.  It features a vertical governor and very odd “alligator link” valve motion.  Fairbanks Improved was the jobber who sold engines built by many different makers.   There is no prior history to this engine other than it came from eastern PA.  It arrived at the museum in 2011.



Titusville Iron Works of Titusville, PA introduced the JC in 1906 to complete their line of oil field engines.  Now the buyer could choose either the four-cycle Olin introduced in 1896 or the simpler two-cycle JC.  It was named for their  president, J. C. McKenna.  Some said it copied the Bessemer and the Ball.  This one pumped near Sigel, PA.


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