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Transit Engine and Pump


These combination engine-pump units were built by National Transit of Oil City, PA around the turn of the last century.  They were both two-cycle and four-cycle designs and this one is four-cycle with  a pendulum governor.  They were used in small “local” stations to pump oil from small leases on the stations such as McKee.  This one came to the museum in the 1980s from another collector.

Bradford Engine and Compressor


This is a combination engine-air compressor and used to make compressed air to start  large engines.  Built in Bradford, PA about 1915, it originally started a large compressing engine there.  It would not have been typical of a Transit station of this size.  It came to the museum in the mid-1970s.  

Transit Compressor


This unit is a National Transit inverted, belt driven air compressor that originally came from McKee.  It was unusual that a station of that size was providing air starting to its one engine.  It features tight and loose pulleys to provide a clutch to engage the compressor when needed.   It was probably built in the early 1900s and came to the museum in the mid-1980s.  It is an unusual item. 

Transit Water Pump


These single-cylinder, inverted water pumps were built by National Transit of Oil City, PA in the early 1900s to provide cooling water in the stations for the engines.  At that time, water was usually pumped from a creek, cooled the engine, and discharged back to the creek.  Sometimes, they were used to fill large storage tanks.  This pump was used by the Buckeye Pipe Line  in a station in southeastern Ohio and came here about 1990.


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