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Model 3 Klein


This engine, built by National Transit of Oil City, PA in 1900, originally served  in the Shippenville Station driving a Transit  triplex discharge pump as it does here.  It is 20 hp with a 10” bore and 18” stoke, throttle governed, and has a vertical governor head.  It is not original to McKee but typical of the equipment that it could have used.  It came to the museum in 1975.

Model 2 Klein


Earlier than the Model 3, this engine originally was used by National transit at its Pithole, PA station.  Built in 1898 by National Transit of Oil City, PA, it features a disc crankshaft, belt driven mechanical oiler, and vertical governor head.  It was designed by John Klein, chief engineer of National Transit.  At McKee, it is used to drive a Transit triplex suction pump that brought the oil into the station’s tanks.  It came to the museum in 1976.

Transit Discharge Pump


This pump was Transit’s most common discharge pump meaning it moved the oil on to the next location.  High pressure was required and it could produce 2,000 psi easily.  Built in Oil City, PA it was termed a VTPP or vertical triplex power pump.  Triplex denoted its three cylinders.  It was originally used in Transit’s Branden, PA station it is but identical to the one the Model 3 Klein drove.  Built about 1900, it came here in 1976.

Transit Suction  Pump


The suction pump was much lighter built and had larger plungers as it provided a vacuum on the pipes to move the oil into the stations tanks. In our installation, it is appropriately belted to the small engine. Note the inverted bottle lubricators used on these pumps .  It was built by National Transit of Oil City, PA in the early 1900s and came here in the mid-1970s.  This pump was original to McKee Station. 


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