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Side View

Our first photo shows a side view of the engine.  It is, indeed, one large piece of machinery!  The engine is mostly intact and is awaiting restoration.

It was brought to Coolspring in 1994.  John Wilcox and Paul Harvey stayed in New York for one week to supervise the move.  The engine weighs 40 tons and Smith Hauling of nearby Oliveburg, PA arranged the big move.  The stator for the alternator arrived on the trailer along with most of the engine.  Remaining parts came on Paul's Dodge and trailer.

Close Up of Crank Case

A closeup of the crankcase shows the manufacturer's name and information about the engine.  It's interesting to note that the Busch name is from beer magnate Adolphus Busch who, in addition to his brewing business, manufactured engines in St. Louis, MO.

Serial Number 

These numbers indicate that the engine is serial number 831 and was the 2nd engine installed in 1927.

Cam Supports 

The engine is rated at 400 hp and features an overhead camshaft design.  These supports hold the camshaft assembly.

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