Busch-Sulzer Diesel Engine - Introduction


This structure is an annex to the Harvey Expo building and houses the Busch-Sulzer air injection diesel engine.  The engine was originally located in Greenport, NY at the far northern tip of Long Island.  This four-cylinder engine was in their municipal lighting plant along with a six-cylinder engine.  The two engine-alternator sets produced TWO phase electricity until the utility began accepting modern-standard electricity from Niagara Mohawk.  There were also four more modern Enterprise diesels there that made three phase electricity.  The plant could assume the load of entire town but was at capacity so the utility removed the Busch-Sulzers and were to put in another modern engine.  This venture apparently did not work out well.  The six-cylinder engine was being scrapped as we removed the four-cylinder engine.  In addition to the engine, we also have the alternator, exciter, and starting air compressor with its two phase motor.

Busch-Sulzer Annex
The Busch-Sulzer exhibit at the museum.
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