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Electric Panel Board 


This is the control panel for the Fairbanks Morse engine and dynamo. It has a very heavy slate backing and  features a voltmeter and an ammeter. The rheostat adjusts the field current of the dynamo and  hence the output voltage. The double throw, double pole switch at the top left allows us to use AC power when needed for convenience. 

White and Middleton Engine 


This 11 hp White & Middleton, dated 1894, has the special heavy electric lighting wheels for smooth running. It was used in New Hampshire to power a 32 volt DC dynamo to charge the battery bank for a small rural telephone company. There were many W&M engines used for this purpose in New England. At the Municipal Works, it represents this service. It came here in the early 1970s.

DC Dynamo 


This is the 32 volt DC dynamo that the W&M above powered. It was belt driven from the engine flywheel to provide sufficient speed to the dynamo. In 1900, rural telephone service was typically powered from a large bank of lead-acid batteries. The operator would run the engine during the day shift to keep them charged.


Back Door of Coolspring Municipal Works 
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