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Vertical Otto with Deane Pump 


This 3 1/2 hp. vertical Otto engine made in Philadelphia, PA. circa 1900, is direct clutched to a Deane triplex water pump which was made in Holyoke, MA. It originally pumped water to a large summer estate on Deer Isle, Maine. It was acquired in the 1980s and represents the water pumping portion of the Coolspring Municipal Works. 

Reeves and Generator 


This 35 hp twin-cylinder, vertical engine was made by Reeves in Mount Vernon, Ohio, circa 1906. It is direct coupled to a DC generator and spent its life at the Dorsey Theater in Johnstown, Ohio powering the carbon arc movie projectors. Direct current was common at that time and it could have powered some light bulbs for a small community. 

Flickinger Compressor Engine 


This combination gas engine-air compressor was made in Bradford, PA in the early 1900s and provided compressed air to start a large gas engine. It was found in a small pressure plant just south of Bradford and the large engine was gone. In the Municipal Works, it provides the compressed air to start the 35 hp Reeves that is shown above. Although single stage, it will pump to 150 psi. 

Fairbanks Morse and Generator 


This is a 4 hp Fairbanks Morse model T vertical, throttling governor engine direct connected to a 3 kw direct current dynamo. Note the two different size flywheels. The smaller one is needed to fit the engine base. It is circa 1910. This unit was purchased from another collector in the 1970s so no other history is known. Here, it conveniently provides lighting to the building when it is not practical to run the big engine. This was typical practice in small installations.


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