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White-Thomas Engine 


This very  unusual half-breed is a White-Thomas cylinder, made in Franklin, Pennsylvania, on a Tifft steam frame, made in Buffalo, New York.  It is a two-cycle uniflow design with a pendulum governor controlling the cross over valve.  It originally powered an oil lease near Oleopolis, Pennsylvania, was restored in California, and came here in 2012. 

Miller 150 hp Engine 


The 150 horsepower Miller is a in-line twin-cylinder engine.  It features a 21-inch bore and 20-inch stroke.  It is the only known example of an "old style" Miller engine with its unusual valve motion.  This engine worked at the Spring Creek air plant near Kane, Pennsylvania, where it was located beside the 300 horsepower Miller we also have in the Nate Lillibridge Station exhibit. The two Miller engines went their separate ways after their removal from Spring Creek and they are back together again at the museum. 


Miller 300 hp Engine 
Another view of the 300 hp Miller engine.
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