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Miller 50 hp Engine 


This engine, with its exceptionally long frame, is both a gas engine, the front cylinder, and an air compressor, the rear cylinder.  The vertical governor is positioned in the center of the air cylinder for a very pleasing appearance.  It originally operated in the Scio, Ohio, water works to provide compressed air to flow the water wells.  It was built in Springfield, Ohio.

Foos Engine 


This 15 hp engine was built in Springfield, Ohio about 1925.  Note the large, crowned electric lighting wheels, disc crank, throttling governor, and KW high tension ignition.  It was originally used in a water works in Pittsburgh, advertised for sale, and bought for oil well use in East Brady, PA.  It resided in a pristine power house on Seybertown Road until coming here 1976.

General Electric Dynamo 


The Foos engine, shown above, is belted to this DC dynamo and provides current for the incandescent bulbs over the 300 hp Miller engine.  At 90 volts, the ambience is superb!  Although the dynamo predates the engine, they together make an excellent display. 

Panel Board


This is the panel board that controls the power from the GE dynamo that is belted to the Foos in the background.  Also seen in this photo is the engineers chair and one green shade for the incandescent  light bulbs.  Most all large gas engine installations had a light plant in the same building. 


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