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This large engine was built by Crossley Brothers of Manchester, England, about the turn of the last century.  The small Crossley combination engine-compressor can provide the air for starting.  It features a timed hot tube ignition, dual side shafts for a hit and miss governor, and belt driven oiler.  It had been in a small museum in England.  It came here in the late 1980s and was completely restored to operation. 

Fairbanks Morse


This beautiful old Fairbanks Morse was built in Beloit, Wisconsin, in 1905.  It features both hot tube and electric ignition,  match start, and starting air pump making it very complete.  It was originally used in Montana to pump water for a railroad.  Having arrived at the museum about 2005, it now runs beautifully. 

Bates and Edmonds


This 8 hp engine with it direct coupled DC dynamo was built in 1902 in Lansing, Michigan.  It provided the new electric lights for the summer resort hotel, The Essick, located at Highland Lake on a mountain top in northern Lycoming County, Pennsylvania.  The hotel burned in 1916 but the engine survived in its stone power house until 2003.  It came here a few years later.  The control panel for the dynamo and the original sign can be seen behind the engine. 



This engine was built in Hamilton, Ohio, abut the turn of the last century.  It has much original paint and features “backward” placed main bearings.  It shares some characteristics with other makers of the day.  It probably ran a small shop in New England and came to the museum about 2005. 


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