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Pattin Engine Back

This engine is a two-cycle, 15 hp Pattin Brothers built in Marietta, Ohio.  Although most of their production stayed in that area, a dealer was located in Bradford, Pennsylvania.  Only a few Pattin Brothers engines have been found in western Pennsylvania.

Pattin Engine Front

These heavy clutches were known as the "Sistersville" type and were used by several engine makers, notably Pattin and Reid.  They bolted onto a flange on the flywheel and were supported by an adjustable outboard bearing.  A flat belt transmitted power from the engine to the pumping power.

TICO Pumping Power

This pumping power was built by the Titusville Iron Works of Titusville, Pennsylvania, and named TICO.  It served near Pleasantville, Pennsylvania, in a similar installation.  Most unusual is the bevel, herringbone gear reduction and "under pull" eccentric to operate the rod lines.

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