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Parks Woodworking Machine

The shop is home to this Parks multipurpose woodworking machine.  This example has a table saw, a bandsaw, and a jointer all in one unit.

Galloway Engine

The side room of the Parks shop contains this 6 hp Galloway engine that operates the main line shaft powering the tools.  The engine came from a farm near Ringgold, Pennsylvania, where it performed a similar function.  Note the post drill press on the right-hand portion of the photo.

Fairbanks Morse Engine and Generator

Parks Wood Shop has an engine and dynamo that provide electricity via knob and tube wiring to light the facility with vintage bulbs.  The engine is a 2 hp Fairbanks Morse Type T.  It is an electric lighting engine featuring heavy flywheels and throttling governor.  It is very similar to the one in McKee Station.  The engine is belted over the crowned flywheel to a 32 volt direct current dynamo.  Note the panel board on the wall.

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