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  Animated Engines
  Anson Engine Museum
  Antique Tractors Forum
  Antique Engines by the Davis Family Featuring Detroit Engine Works
  Antique Small Engine Collectors Club
  ASAP Motors - Machines of the Past
  Ashtabula County Antique Engine Club
  American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  Blue Fuel White Smoke Stationary Engine Collection
  Brookville Chamber of Commerce
  Buckley Old Engine Show
  Canadian Museum of Making: Forging, Machining, & Derivative Artifacts
  Cincinnati Triple Steam
  Classic Engines
  County Office
  Connecticut Antique Machinery Association
  Douglas Self - Unusual Internal Combustion Engines
Drake Well Museum - Birthplace of the Oil Industry - 1859
  Duryea Automobile Replica
  Elden's Engines
Gas Engine Magazine
  Greenberg Cadillac Museum
  Harry's Old Engine
  Hercules Engines
  Historical Construction Equipment Association
  Historical Engine Society
  Internal Fire Museum of Power
  Jacktown-Blue Mountain Antique Gas & Steam Engine Association
  Maryland Steam Historical Society
  Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum - Find Hansen Collection
  Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum - Paul Knapp Collection
  Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum - George Luhrs Collection
  Myrick Eclipse Engines
  Nostalgic Reflections
  Oil Field Engine Society
  Oil History
  Old Engine.Org
  Penn Brad Oil Museum
  Pennsylvania Federation of Museums and Historical Organizations
  Pennsylvania Genealogy
  Pennsylvania Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau
  Pennsylvania Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau - Jefferson County Events
  Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
  Pennsylvania Tourism Website
  Peter & Rita Forbes' Engine Webpages
  Petter Engines
Pioneer Valley Military Transportation Museum
  Punxsutawney Chamber of Commerce
  R.E. Olds Foundation
Rockhill Trolley Museum

Rough and Tumble Engineers Historical Association

  Stationary Engine Videos from Denmark by Sebastian Nils
  Sub Chaser Archives

Tallini Tales of Destruction - An amazing collection of historical stories involving nitroglycerin use in the oilfields.

  Virtual Technology Museum
  Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion
  Western Pennsylvania Museum Council
  Brian Kutner's Photos of Coolspring Power Museum
  Grounds and Annex area
  Exley Station and the 600 hp Snow engine
  Coolspring Municipal Works
  Windy City
  Power Technology Building
  John P. Wilcox Power House and Annex
  Susong Building
  End of the Day


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