Coolspring Power Museum Organization

The Coolspring Power Museum is a registered, tax exempt, 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation with a Board of Directors having offices of President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer.  We have a governing set of By-Laws and hold Board meetings four times each year.

In addition, there are committees with responsibilities for curatorial, budget and finance, grounds and facilities, and public programs activities.  We have coordinators responsible for the gift shop, membership, communications, food vendors, show grounds, newsletter, and the website.

Our operating and project funds are obtained through generous donations by individuals. We have no paid employees.  All efforts provided are volunteered as a labor of love to fulfill our mission.  If you would like to become involved, visit our Contribute page to learn more.

Board of Directors and Officers

 Mike Murphy - President


 Dr. Paul E. Harvey - Vice President 814-849-5495
 Norm Shade - Treasurer 713-206-9651
Gail Lavender - Secretary 814-849-4763
Glen "Buck" Anthony 814-715-5534
Chris Austin 724-902-0066
Clark Colby 724-863-4372
John Hanley 517-388-1680
Arthur McKinley 646-483-5250
Stewart McKinley 814-316-1794
Nick Scotese 440-708-8887
Ben Steffy 814-257-8264
Tom W. Stockton 734-260-2488
Tommy Turner 270-765-9540
Reid Wellman 440-313-5928

Curator of Collections

Mike Monnier

Financial and Compliance Chairman

Norm Shade


Angel Steffy

Museum Gifts and Souvenirs Shop

Gail Lavender

Membership and Communications

John Hanley and Jake Faith

Show Grounds

Mike Murphy


Stewart McKinley

Food Vendors

George Guzik

Advertising and Marketing

Committee Chairs

Kevin Kusel


Steven Tachoir


Norm Shade

Budget and Finance

Stewart McKinley

Grounds and Facilities

Dr. Paul E. Harvey

Public Programs

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