Coolspring Power Museum: Staff Engineers

Coolspring Power Museum's Staff Engineers bring history to life by providing running demonstrations of our collection of engines. Here is special information regarding responsibilities and duties for Staff Engineers.

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Safety: CPM Staff Engineers are to practice safety at all times. Safety is imperative and we cannot emphasize this enough! If an accident occurs, please report this occurrence to other CPM Staff Engineers at once so a report can be made with the Safety Coordinator, Kevin Kusel.

Responsibility: CPM Staff Engineers are the faces and voices of the museum. Your actions are a reflection of the museum, fellow engineers and our family members. Always do your best when asked by a Visitor anything pertaining to the museum. Please be courteous! Thank you!

Security: CPM Staff Engineers are responsible for the areas that you have been assigned to work in. Please lock up your area if you are leaving, or ask another CPM Staff Engineer to assist you. Some items have come up missing in the past. Make sure to secure your area at the end of the day or weekend. Thanks for your assistance!

Assignments: If you have not been assigned an area to work in, please let Kieth or Wayne know. We will check with other CPM Staff Engineers to get you a location assignment. We welcome and thank all of you as volunteers that make our show successful! Many thanks for all of YOUR efforts!

Gas Bottles and Filling of Propane Bottles: Please handle ALL Propane or Gas Bottles with care! If you need assistance with filling a Propane Bottle, get someone that has experience with doing so. There are dangers associated with this task and we want to avoid an explosion or bodily harm.

Motorized Vehicles: CPM Staff Engineers driving any motorized vehicle on the grounds, PLEASE BE SAFE! Also, if you are making a lift with the Forklift for someone, please ask them for a monetary donation. All monies, small or large are appreciated.

Quiet Hour: Ten o’clock (10:00) pm is the time. Please be courteous! Thanks!

Guided Tours: When asked, please direct Visitors to the “Gift Shop” or to the Susong/Preston Foster Hall Building for assistance. Thanks!

Restrooms: If there is a problem in the restrooms and you can take care of it, please do so. If it requires more attention, please let Kieth, Wayne, or Clark know so that this is addressed immediately! Thanks!

CPM Staff Engineer Volunteer Hours: PLEASE fill out the TIME VOLUNTEERED in the notebook, located in the red box house on the south end of the Half Breed Pavilion. These volunteered hours assist the Coolspring Power Museum when we apply for “Grant Money” and for State Sales Tax Exemption.

CPM Staff Engineers “Pledge Sheet”: We ask that each CPM Staff Engineer complete a “Pledge Sheet” for the museum so that we have this information on file. This is mainly for our insurance carrier. Thanks!

Tools: If you borrow tools, let someone know, or leave a note if no one is around, and return tools to the original location when finished! The “tools in Paul Harvey’s personal garage are off-limits”. Thanks!

Staff Engineers Shirts: We encourage every CPM Staff Engineer to wear one of the red in color shirts to let our guest and visitors know who we are during Open Weekends and Shows. Please contact Lory Dunham in the Gift Shop for assistance with getting these ordered.


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