Restroom Building Project

Project Lead - Fran Colby


Well, it has been many years in the making but Coolspring Power Museum now has a new restroom and shower facility.  The project started many years ago as an idea by Fran Colby.  She has worked hard to build the Museum Gifts and Souvenirs Shop so proceeds could fund this project.  Many others have contributed labor, construction equipment and rigging, graphics artwork, computers and computer skills, volunteer labor at the gift shop, material and/or cash donations to this project and it is finally a reality.  Thanks to everyone who has worked so hard on this project.


On May 11, 2007, Smith Hauling moved the 200 hp Snow frame, its crankshaft, and the Western flywheel to high ground storage. This cleared the area for the new restroom project to proceed. 


Dick Smith donated his crew's services.  Amazingly, they moved in at 8 AM and moved out at 9 AM after a job so well done. Thanks to Dick, his crew, and his fantastic equipment.


On April 18, 2009, gift shop manager Fran Colby and CPM President Vance Packard broke ground for new Restroom Building.


General Contractor Dobson, Inc. was awarded the project and has begun the foundation work on the new Restroom Building.


The new Restroom Building will be located between the Half Breed Pavilion and the field.


May 2, 2009, the foundation is complete and plumbing is in place.  This view is looking West towards the field exhibition area.  The Ice Cream stand is to the left (you can just see a tip of the rain gutter) and the Half Breed Pavilion is to our back.

Front of Building

June 17, 2009, the new restrooms are being made ready for the June Expo.

Side of Building

Brick has been donated and when funds become available the new restroom and shower facility will be brick sided.  The door at the end of the building on the left side is a handicapped shower.  Two other showers are available on the other side of the building as well.

Interior of Building

Shown here is one of the new shower facilities.  They are coin operated to help offset restroom operation costs.

Completed Facility

With the exterior brick in place, the Restroom Building is complete!

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