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St. Marys Old Style


This 20 hp engine was built by St. Marys Machine Co. of St. Marys, Ohio and is the “old style” model.  Vintage is the early 1900s.  It has a vertical governor, hot tube ignition, and unusual cast iron exhaust port pipe.  It was found pumping an oil well near Duhring, PA.  It was brought to the museum in 1968.                                                      



This is a two-cycle gas engine and air compressor combination.  It was  built by the James Howden Co. of Wellsville, NY and it identical to the Clark Norton unit also of that city.  It provided air to start a large gas engine somewhere in the  oil field of SE Ohio.  It was acquired from John Wilcox and came here about 1970.

Klein Model 5


Despite the name given by collectors, this is the first National Transit engine built after John Klein’s death. There is much difference such as the absence of a cross head, the ported exhaust and the uncooled valve chest.  Vintage would be about 1905 and they were used in stations that  had limited output.  This engine was used in the Kellettville, PA National Transit station and drove a vertical triples discharge pump.  It came to the museum in 1969.



This 25 hp engine was built in Lima, Ohio, about 1905.  It was designed by John Swan and is similar to the Swan engine also displayed in the museum.  It features a cross head and flywheels bolted to separate hubs.  It pumped crude oil near Parker, PA driving an ABC push pull pumping power.  It arrived here in 1969.


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