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This is the 8 hp model built by Evans Mfg. in Butler, PA about 1912.  The earlier model had a shelf mounted cylinder in comparison to this flange mounted one.  They were very dependable and this one pumped an oil well near Chicora, PA.  It came to the museum about 2000. 



This 9 hp hot bulb oil engine was built in Stamford, England circa 1910.  It was obtained from another collector and no history is available.  It features a direct injection, hot bulb ignition to burn kerosene.  It is hit and miss governed by a unique collapsing cam on the side shaft.  It came here in the 1980s.



This 40 hp electric lighting Foos, built circa 1912, first served driving a generator in the Mail Pouch Tobacco plant in Wheeling, WV.  It was found in the oil field near Beallsville, OH where is drove a large pumping power.  It is unusual with its heavy flywheels and early style frame. The original gas bag regulator can be seen mounted on the wall behind.  It came to the museum in 1971. 


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