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Bovaird and Seyfang


This is the earliest model engine built by Bovaird and Seyfang Company of Bradford, PA, and is called the Harbison after its designer.  Vintage would be about 1900.  It is a 12 hp, two-cycle engine with one valve into the combustion chamber hence the nickname of single valve B&S.   It governs hit and miss and has hot tube ignition.  This engine pumped a small rod line power north of Pleasantville, PA and came to the museum in the late 1970s. 



This 10 hp engine was built in Butler, PA about 1910.  Spang was a prolific builder of oil field equipment and drilling tools.  They made both two-cycle and four-cycle gas engines but this 10 hp four-cycle model was commonly used on their portable baling machines.  This one was found near Sandy Lake, PA. where it pumped an oil well.  It has belt driven Pickering governor and a very long rocker arm operating the exhaust valve.  It came to the museum in the early 1970s.

Bovaird Engine and Pump


This is a combination gas engine and pump unit that was built in Bradford, PA. about 1915.  They were used in the oil field to pump crude oil from small leases or to pump cooling water to drilling operations.  It is interesting to note that they used the fluid that they were pumping to cool the engine.  A similar unit is located in the Pump House.  This one was in service near Bradford, PA. 

Electric Air Compressor


This compressor can supply compressed air to the Expo Building.  It consists of a Century electric motor with a flat belt drive to a Curtis compressor.  It represents a starting air compressor for large engines that would be found in a large pump station in the 1920s.


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